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Thread: AMD Dropping R300-R500 Support In Catalyst Driver

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    This make me as ATI Costumer very angry. Drop all pre R600 is ok but why not maintain a legacy Driver with basic Kernel/X-server Support ?

    I have an old R300 Card ( Radeon 9500 ) and this card dont work with the Open Source Driver ( the System freeze if i use XV or 3D )

    Quote Originally Posted by marcobrancalion View Post
    AMD people want to force us to buy newer video cards, eh?.....
    Nvidia too they relabeled the 8XXX to 9XXX.

    Quote Originally Posted by marcobrancalion View Post
    I got the message very clearly. A new nvidia card will be here soon .....
    Nvidia is not Better and nobody know how long nvidia maintain the legacy driver pack.
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