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Thread: CAT 9.2 showstoppers for HD 4850

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    Default CAT 9.2 showstoppers for HD 4850

    Since AMD promised to put all closed source effort into newer cards 2000/4000, I would like to file some bug reports that I recently encountered trying out CAT 9.2 on my system

    Hardware: Signature Rig #1
    OS: Ubuntu 8.10
    Driver: Catalyst 9.2

    Problem 1: XV. When resizing window of Mplayer, XV can sometimes (50% chance?) get a white screen instead of video. Re-resize it solves the problem. Annoying.

    Problem 2: Full screen XV sometimes results OS hard lock. Very bad.

    Problem 3: Yesterday when I unplugged my DVI monitor (monitor turned off first) to use on another PC and plugged it back and turned it on, the system freezed. Mouse moves, keyboard lights work, but whole desktop stopped response. VT switch not working, Zap not working, has to do a hard reset. Very bad, as I was in a middle of compressing a video, grrrr....

    CAT driver has been progressively better on my PC. XV comes from total flicker to relatively usable. Gaming speed is fine. It's just those XV problems are very annoying. The hot plug lock up problem is rare but can be a punch in the face.

    I also heard that CAT is implementing RDR? If that's true when can I expect to see it? 9.3? 9.4?

    Thank you for your time to read my report.
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