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Thread: Sacred Gold On Linux Has Gone Gold

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    Michael Simms wrote this on the LGP blog:

    I wish I had good news. We are waiting on a third party to provide us with the required information and so the demo is completely on hold for now.
    Oh well, guess I will take a chance and order the game. At the worst I have at least supported LGP

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    I'm about to buy the game (I even plan on ordering two copies - supporting purposes) but before I do that, i have a question about the multiplayer:

    Is there a Closed-Net infrastructure (characters are stored on the game server)? Ascaron shut down their Closed-Net so only Open-Net is possible - and that is open to character manipulation, since the characters are stored locally.

    I will only play this game in multiplayer since single player is too short to find "the good stuff" and to get the character to high levels...

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