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guys, first of all, please stop bitching about cedega and transgaming all the time !
I believe it is based on the personal experiences of the people making the commentary. My results have varied and I've not been overly impressed with either side of the equation- though I've been more impressed with Codeweavers and WINE than I've been with Transgaming from their very beginnings. Many of the titles I've got work better in WINE or Codeweavers than they ever have on Cedega. (Which, unfortunately, is a relative concept...) Of course, you can make a go at discounting my own impressions since I work as a consultant for the "competition", but I've been at using this stuff well before I took to porting games. I've been at this whole Linux thing for years now.

They give linux players the possibility to play windows games which do atm NOT work with wine or only work very poorly.
Actually, I've found the situation often reversed between them and WINE.

At least Bioshock and red alert 3 only worked poorly in wine (with low graphics) and perfromance was not good also the last time i tried..
When was the last time you tried it?

When you look at the new support games list of 7.1 you will surely notice that Bioshick is now a certified title. This game uses the UT3 engine.
Cause they wanted to certify this title and therefore had to get the ut3 engine working, games like ut3, medal of honor airborne also work now.
One does NOT equate to the other. What certifying one means is that you have less work to certify the others. And not all bugs in one are present in the other. An engine is a library of stuff that enables the game to be done. When someone buys a license they get the right to modify the crud out of the thing for at least one title.

This typically happens on most of the games out there.

The fact that ut3 works in cedega now has absolutely NOTHING to do with the native ut3 client icculus is working on.
Heh... This would be the first one you got right so far. The ire, though, is that there was a working native client that has YET to be released because of idiotic legal tangles. Which piece of middleware that presents this issue remains to be seen. The frustration about icculus versus Transgaming "making it possible to play it on Linux" is that we could have had this MONTHS ago had the BS not transpired the way it was with the native port- something they're still promising us at this point in time, even though it's well over a year overdue from when they initially thought it was going to happen.

UT3 simply works in cedega cause of the fact they certified bioshock which uses the same engine like ut3.
Uh. No. Certifying one does NOT lead to the other. It just makes it more likely to have less bugs is all.

So, tg is not as bad as you guys always claim them to be.
So far, you've not really gone to show that they're wrong- only that your personal experience with the titles you mention have been "great".

All one has to do to realize that this isn't really the case in the big-picture sense of things is to point someone to the example of EVE Online, who had CONTRACTED with Transgaming to provide Linux support, only to drop it some 8-ish months later because they couldn't deliver and WINE was doing a vastly better job- and to that end, they tell their customers that're running Linux to go do that and that would be the supported route for them to play.