I've got a mixed set of questions about the newer AMD-ATI Chipsets on mainboards in Desktop/Server area.
I hope it's the right Phoronix category since it would also fit into graphics section.

Does anybody know when the PowerXPress feature will come into chipsets that are non-Notebook-ones like the M780G (which I found in wikipedia)?
I'd love to finally see this feature brought to my desktop. As far as I understood though there is support for hybrid graphics in the 7xx chipsets - but there is no implementation for dynamic switching between IGP, discrete card (like a Radeon HD 3870 e.g.) or both. Since my box is running "idle" most time (writing text, surfing, watching DVD and maybe having simple desktop effects) the 3870 consumes power. Would be nice if it could be switched off totally since I only need it for gaming.

So is there anything like this already available? Or else: When will PowerXPress be implemented in desktop chipsets? It's important for me since I long for that feature for years and I'm about to buy a new board.
Oh, and of course, it should work with Linux kernel based OS. (if it's only a matter of drivers I can also wait a few months until the drivers are capable of working it)

And a second question would be:
Will the socket AM3 boards (afaik there are about 5 on the market yet?) still support AM2 processors like the very nice and power efficient AMD 4850e? I want to keep that CPU cause it just rocks and I have passively cooled nearly everything in my box a.t.m. and want to stay with my cold, efficient and quiet solution.

And a 3rd one:
Anyone practical experiences with the 7xx chipsets in general with Linux and what about power consumption?

Maybe any AMD/ATI official could give me a hint?

Thanks for any tips in advance