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Thread: AMD FirePro V8700 1GB

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    Is there any sort of roadmap available for a FOSS Ati Firepro driver, or does AMD need to release the documentation yet?

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    So, did you test it then?
    I'm willing to buy a Dell Precision, and for my budget the chanches are:
    1. M6400, with a Core Duo processor and a QuadroFX 2700 or
    2. M6500, with an i7 processor and a firepro M7740.

    There is no way to have the i7 + quadro
    same price (around 1500 euro +vat, next model is 400 euro out of budget)
    I want to use blender under linux, and I'nm afraid to get in trouble with ati, even if on their site there are the drivers for Ubuntu.
    Thank you for any advice.

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    I am using Blender on Linux with an Ati 4850 card and there are no significant issues to speak of. There used to be a bug when using Blender under Compiz, where the Gnome toolbars would disappear (you could still click them), but this to be fixed now.

    In short, Blender seems to work fine on both my Nvidia Quadro laptop and my (much more powerful) Ati desktop.

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