hi everyone!

I finally got again my notebook-tft working! (Option ExactModeTimingsDVI and Option ConnectedMonitors DFP-0) BUT: now I've got a big black bar at the right and a small white bar at the bottom ?!

I took a modeline from nv driver that worked quite ok, but a bit slow, but resolution was ok
I put the modeline in xorg.conf, but now i don't know how to enable it. i think this would solve the problem with the black and white bars.

Xorg.0.log says: No valid modes for "1280x800"; removing
... Unable to validate any modes --> nvidia-auto-select
virtual screen size determined to be 1024x768
and exactly THAT is the problem. i have to force him to use 1280x800.

please tell me how to do.


EDIT: the modeline "nv" gave me was: "1280x800" 68.90 1280 0 0 0 800 0 0 0 (i put that into monitor section, but he doesn't recognize)