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Thread: GMA500 (Poulsbo) - Whats the Problem!?

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    Default GMA500 (Poulsbo) - Whats the Problem!?

    I just bought a new netbook and it came with the GMA500 chipset. Many of the newer netbooks (Dell Mini 12, Acer Aspire One, Sony Vaio P, and many more...) are switching to the more efficient GMA500, so why hasn't intel released a WORKING 3D driver for Poulsbo yet?? I'm not talking about the one driver that was released with Moblin 1 that nobody can get working...

    Intel is a large company, can't they dedicate a few resources to getting a working accelerated driver released for the new GMA 500 chipset? They are already releasing code for their as-of-yet unnanounced new graphics chipset, but they cannot dedicate resources to a shipping product?? Lots of new netbook owners are going to be upset!
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