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No benchmarks in this article (ET was also laggy), but a few thoughts were shared, and AIGLX was tested... http://www.phoronix.com/vr.php?view=7148

If there are any specific items you would like more information on or tests, just post.
It's worth noting that the board you're using isn't the one you want to attempt doing gaming performance testing on- the i915 chipset has the GMA 900 GPU core integrated into the chipset.

The i965G chipset has the first potentially usable integrated GPU, the GMA x3000. Here's the from the 10000 foot level scoop on both GPUs...

GMA 900

- 256 bit architechture
- 1.3 Gpixel/1.3 Gtexel fill rate
- No T&L support on chip
- OpenGL 1.4 support
- Vertex Shader model 2.0
- Single unified graphics pipeline

GMA X3000

- 256 bit architechture
- ~5 Gpixel/5 Gtexel fill rate
- Hardware T&L
- OpenGL 2.0 support
- Pixel Shader model 3.0
- Vertex Shader model 3.0
- 8 unified graphics pipelines

Very big difference between the two. While still not a barn burner, it's largely on a parity with the low-to-middle end GPUs that are typically fielded in laptops and most of the UMA motherboards out there. You probably want to see if they carry through on the promise that the x3000 offers by getting a G965 based motherboard.