I want to know one thing. After all this time, and the lackluster products that have been sold, who is still buying internal creative audio products?

If you want quality in your audio, an external USB device is probably far superior to anything being produced at creative, and if you just want simple audio most boards come with it as an option onboard.

I abandoned creative a very long time ago, and I haven't looked back once. Their "superior quality" is just a delusion of the purchaser, and it always has been. I've personally noticed far interference and noise on generic branded USB adapters- and those adhere to a standard that is pretty well supported in Linux.

The same kind of thing has been going on in Windows land as well. The drivers for Creative products have been abandoned for Vista. When someone started writing open drivers that worked with previous generation products under new operating systems, Creative tried to sue. THAT is the mentality of this company.

To hell with creative and their stupid games. Just throw out your device and chalk it up to a learning experience.