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Thread: OnLive - Why Linux Gamers Should Take Notice

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    I commented on this already on another place so I make it short: Huge pile of shit. Another hype-bubble to burst in the face of the people. On a LAN this is barely possible ( anybody who did Video Streaming knows what I talk about ). Furthermore to get this data across the wire you had to compress it a big time. So a small resolution and all riddled with compression artifacts? That's not gaming, that's a joke.

    As mentioned, the solution looks different... and Cloud-Computing is not part of it

    EDIT: Oh and another fine one. Somebody hates game XYZ... let's go and DDoS the servers. Whoops... nobody in the world can play the game anymore. Old rule of system maintenance: POF... Point Of Failure. If all goes through one bottle neck it requires only this bottle neck to break down and your entire system breaks down.
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