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Thread: php4 on Redhat 4

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    Default php4 on Redhat 4

    I just installed 1.6. It works fine on Redhat 5(with php5), but it does not work on Redhat 4(with php4.3). I always get "failed opening required 'pts-core/funtions/pts-functions.php' in phoronix-test-suite.php on line 25". Does anyone know how to make it work on php4 on Redhat 4?


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    Hi Mark,

    Unfortunately, the Phoronix Test Suite is not compatible with PHP4. PHP4 has already reached an End Of Life status as a language and contains many significant differences from PHP5. Some parts of the Phoronix Test Suite may be compatible with PHP4 where the syntax hasn't changed, but certainly not all of it. It would be recommended to just install the PHP5 RPM from RHEL5 on RHEL4 or to install PHP5 from source.

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