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Thread: Tyan motherboard with Intel 965 chipset

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    Default Tyan motherboard with Intel 965 chipset

    I'm interested in the Intel 965 chipset because of the Intel-supported Free Software graphics drivers.

    And I'm interested in Tyan because of their long-term support for LinuxBIOS

    Therefore I'm interested in their new Toledo motherboard. Apparently the phoronix folks are in possession of one of these motherboards, but as far as I can see the only article about it so far is just an lspci dump:

    For starters, this motherboard is "flex-atx" form. Does that mean it won't fit in a mini-ATX such as the glowingly reviewed Sugo sg01W?




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    Our preview of the Toledo i965R should be posted at Phoronix next week.

    The Toledo motherboard fits great in the Sugo.

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    Default Tyan Toledo S5180

    Hi Michael,
    First post, drawn here by the review of this motherboard!
    I read the review and have a bunch of questions.
    First, can you ellaborate on the issues noted with the Fedora installs?

    Secondly, it seems that Tyan has some intentions with this board, given the connnectors listed in the product manual.
    I was wondering if you knew the purpose of the chassis LCD module connector?

    This is it for now.
    And thanks, Lleo_

    -I figured out the front panel connectors, also referred in the review, thanks! :-)
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    Welcome to the forums!

    We'll be elaborating on the Fedora problems in a future article, but essentially it runs into the common problems known with the Q965 Chipset -- though all-generic-ide had not worked in this situation.

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    Great! Can't wait to hear your experience.
    I also have this board for three days, and all my efforts to install fedora failed. I added a PCI PATA IDE host and was able to boot fedora from a drive on that.
    I will try Ubuntu, now that the beta is out.
    Cheers, Lleo_
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