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Thread: Ubuntu 9.04 Beta vs. Fedora 11 Beta

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    Yay my first post since my registration in 07 :S

    Fedora and Ubuntu are my top two distros. Fedora, IMO, seems to have more up to date packages than Ubuntu. This can be both bad and good depending on your system, needs, and hardware. Currently, I have just one machine (lappy) and it's running Ubuntu 8.10. I have not had one single problem with it since my initial install of Ubuntu 8.04 (I did a distro upgrade).

    So based on that, deffinately get Windows

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    Quote Originally Posted by lsatenstein View Post
    Which is a better distribution. The better one is the one for which you have more comfort-- the first one you started with is always a favourite.
    Which is a bit of a shame, then...

    Yggdrasil Plug and Play hasn't been around for a long while now...

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