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Thread: Curious of who uses what Distro wand why

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    Linux Mint AMD64 hands down.

    I wont say i like it quick and easy (have fun with that 1), but I like my system to just work for me. if i need something in a flash i can usually just apt-get it and in 10 seconds use it. As much as I like Linux i also like my OS to work for me which is partly why ubuntu does so well. often times i need to compile things and thats fine but a fine line exists between setting your system up and actually using it.

    Intel Q6600
    Nvidia 7950
    OCZ 6gb Ram

    I have an old PC i use for running gameservers in the back.
    vector linux for this computer :P.

    800mhz P3
    256mb ram
    20gb HDD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adarion View Post
    Look. Look what wonderful things you can do with Linux. Bring a P4 with 265M RAM to fly, even with a fancy KDE4 desktop.
    Heh, I gave my parents one with even worse specs and it runs KDE4 (and youtube) fine. Forget Intel, this thing had a SiS chip...

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    Well, I use gentoo because I really enjoy the package manager. And the rolling updates is really nice.
    Being said, gentoo just suits me very well. I have friends who far prefer ubuntu, or debian. Basically, like all things linux, comes down to personal taste - each distro will have advantages and disadvantages, but it just depends what you like.
    On a side note, someone was actually confused when they asked if I used gnome or kde and I responded with "neither". Just try things out and see what you like.

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    Which Distro do I use? Arch Linux
    Why? I like how it has the latest software available (it's rolling release). It doesn't install crap I don't need. It has an amazing package manager. It's just a very flexible distribution.

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