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Thread: Cedega 7.1.1 Released With New Game Support

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    Quote Originally Posted by remm View Post
    Is anyone actually buying this stuff ? If I'm out there for proprietary code to run my games, I prefer running XP ... Less troubles, more fun
    Personal experience with Cedega: It sucks totally. Just look at the amount of pissed people at their forums (and the low amount of people in general).

    A copy of crossover games would be the best way to go. If you want to run windows games on Linux.

    For me, I am done with running Windows games on Linux, and Windows games on Windows. PC titles are in such a bad shape that they won't even run good on Windows. Not mentioning the games like Fallout 3 which have the hideous windows live system attached to them.

    Furthermore, Svartalf said some intelligent things about why you shouldn't buy Windows games for your Linux machine on these forums. I suggest you look them up and think about them.
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