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Thread: Raven's Wolfenstein and Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuke81 View Post
    Nah I don't believe that publisher matter a lot, if id want's to make port to linux they don't ad it with game-dvds. They just make a downloadable linux-binary installer on ftp site where you need data paks from game-dvd. For game servers there will absolutely come linux dedicated binaries.
    Believe what you want. The publisher, depending on the contract done, can have a MAJOR impact on what happens. Moreover, game servers do not Linux gaming make. If it's without a native Linux client binary, you probably shouldn't be looking at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanjo View Post
    Ask thousands of NWN2 fans how much a publisher can give the finger to the linux crowd. ;D
    Being a NWN fan and wanting to play The Witcher I know that far to well. Damn Atari.

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