I think compiling is a terrible way to test disk scores. You need a way to test the pure disk performance.

For normal usage random read/write is more important than sequential. So could you limit IOZone to only test 4K random reads/writes? According to the interesting article writthen by Anand from Anandtech, random writes is almost the most noticeable feature of your disk subsystem. So we could give random writes more of an importance.

I also think using power values doesn't seem quite right. When one compares a score of 3000 to a score of 6000, the "6000" PC is roughly double as fast. Linear scale makes sense...

A Score of:
* Fastest thread
* Total processing power
* Random Disk performance
* 2D (Gui) performance
* 3D performance

It might be usefull to split 3D into 2 parts, e.g. Simple 3D and Advanced 3D.
Then Ungine can be used for Advanced 3D, and if it fails for whatever reason a score of 0 is acceptable.

It would be great to have one number, but the problem with that is that is that it is very misleading. So we need to show the sub-values (e.g. 6 of them) quite prominently.