Just reading the latest GWN, and noticed this.

Gentoo is the first community Linux distribution to actively work on supporting the new CELL processor IBM has launched with Sony and Toshiba. This processor is used in the PlayStation 3, and in a number of other products. The CELL processor has a general purpose PowerPC core which runs at 3.2 GHz. It also has eight special purpose cores, which are basically cache-less processors that are great for processing streams and parallel work. The CELL is also called a 'broadband engine' and has a peak bandwidth of 204.8 GB/sec for intra-chip transfers (between cores, memory and I/O controllers).

Nice to see them on top of things... Would this even benefit the community short term though? I mean... we are not going to be able to pick up a Cell processor as easily as Sony, unless I am wrong.

Still good to see some devs thinking far ahead.