I'll try to keep this question short and simple (sure...) in hope that someone will help me. I've got some experience with slackware, but not so much regarding The X window system - so please bear with me.

What I've got:
- 1 pc
- Radeon HD 4550
- 1 analog tv (through s-video)
- 1 analog screen (vga through dvi adapter)
- Slackware 12.2 straight out of the box.
- Xfce.

What I would like to achieve:
- 1 user (pc-user) with one X window (writing,browsing etc.)
- 1 user (tv-user) with a separate X window (movies,music etc.)
- The pc-user uses keyboard and mouse as normal
- The tv-user uses a laptop as a remote (possible through vnc/rdp?)

The goal:
To separate pleasure and business

So, is this possible?
If anyone would bother helping me I would be most grateful.