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Thread: fglrx multiseat crash

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    My points were that :

    a) multi-GPU support was only added to the consumer drivers quite recently (in the last couple of months), so your chances of success are best on the configurations we tested first (ie matched cards). Over time, this should be less of an issue.

    b) you are basically setting up the driver the same way as the NVidia card even though the ATI driver uses a different mechanism for managing configuration changes. The ATI driver uses the aticonfig command in most cases, and stores the resulting config info in amdpcsdb, not in the conf file. Simply copying and tweaking an NVidia config file is not likely to work.

    I don't think using RandR or the open source drivers will work for you today, although it wouldn't hurt to look up the posts related to turning RandR off in fglrx.

    Quote Originally Posted by c1981 View Post
    Seems Randr is applicable when doing either a Xephyr or XGL multiseat - with individual x-servers the gpu's don't "see" each other as active, nor do they share a framebuffer..
    For a single GPU, yes. My point is that most of the devs have said you can't use RandR with multiple GPUs today.
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