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Hehe lookie at this, motherfucking concrete evidence why free software still sucks ass, especially kde4 and their piece of shit amarok (fast forward motto lol, takes +100MB just to launch and grind your hdd with mysql shit, like we need a fucking need sql database to organize the info)

That's right, 4000 mp3 loaded in timely fashion, great efficiency, just like xmms. And best of all, I can fucking seek/crossfade smoothly! Sound is perfect too.
Wow... just, wow.....
OK, sir, STOP....BREATHE....count to ten. The world isn't imploding.

Perhaps you should seek a refund on you *free* software, since it's SO incredibly bad?

And are (un)Creative X-FI cards even supported yet on mainline ALSA? I mean, I know the source code was released a while ago, but does it actually work yet?