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Thread: Bug: Strange effects with gui and specviewperf

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    Post Bug: Strange effects with gui and specviewperf

    Distribution: Fedora 10
    Test-Suite: PTS 1.8.0 from Fedora-Update repo

    After doing an install-all with lots of errors due to firewall restrictions I have tried to play around with the gui. What is strange:

    .phoronix-test-suite/installed-tests has
    - a "specviewperf9" directory that is empty
    - a "specviewperf10" directory that is not empty and contains Specviewperf 10

    When in GUI mode I just see "SPECViewPerf" in the list of installed tests and the details show this is about SPECViewPerf9. There is no entry for the existing specviewperf10.

    On the other hand I can easily use "phoronix-test-suite run specviewperf10" to run it from the CLI.

    Note: Looking at the 2 entries for specviewperf9 and 10 in list-tests I see that they have the same "descriptive name" SPECViewPerf. Maybe this is the cause of the confusion in the GUI.

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