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Couldn't you make a benchmark comparing a default ubuntu installation with an ubuntu installation modified with thiese packages?
People are getting a bit silly with this. If you are using integrated Intel graphics it is unlikely you are a gamer. If you have a normal system then Ubuntu Jaunty will work fine for a normal 2d desktop. Even my EeePC 900 with a 900 mhz single core Celeron and 1gb ram works OK as a normal Web surfing emailing computer. TV show avis play full screen and smoothly with Compiz desktop effects enabled. Flash videos on YouTube play OK in a window but are a bit jerky full screen, but YouTube videos have always looked awful full screen. Only jump through these hoops if you are having problems or desperately need the increased performance.

So, copy the contents of her home directory to a DVD, including hidden files. Reinstall Kubuntu with a separate Home partition, copy the files back and it should be fine. Only copy documents, music, videos and thunderbird and firefox, let the rest be rewritten in the install.

If she already has a separate home partition then boot into Gnome and delete the .kde folder, then restart with the Kubuntu install and format / but not /home and you should end up with a stable system. I would still backup the .thunderbird .firefox and music videos and documents just in case.