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Thread: ioquake3 Goes Gold WIth Ogg Decoding, x86_64

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    Default ioquake3 Goes Gold WIth Ogg Decoding, x86_64

    Phoronix: ioquake3 Goes Gold WIth Ogg Decoding, x86_64

    Back in February we talked about a new ioquake3 engine was forthcoming that would deliver a number of enhancements, but this week that new version (1.36) has finally gone gold. This update to the ioquake3 engine, which is originally based upon the open-source Quake 3 engine, now introduces support for off-server data downloads, OpenAL surround sound rendering, Ogg Vorbis audio decoding, IPv6 networking, full x86_64 support, new JIT compilers for various architectures, PNG support for textures, and many other fixes and improvements. The game engine update itself isn't particularly beneficial to gamers, but in due time this new build will hopefully find its way into Urban Terror, OpenArena, World of Padman, Tremulous, and other games that utilize the ioquake3 engine. The full details regarding the new ioquake3 engine release can be found on their project web-site...

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    Very nice improvements!

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    the x86_64 is interesting. I do wonder though, are there too many "ports" of the Tech 3 engine? Be more interesting if some of them, like this one and Xreal would partner up and merge.

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