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when ubuntu is delivered with dell machines it hurts redhat and novell

also opensuse and fedora are testbeds for sles and rhel.

Last&worst, it is a marketing scheme get the people with free stuff (ubuntu cds) so you can sell them subscriptions later (canonical support).

Ubuntu is bad for linux.
Umm actually Dell is also a partner with Novell as is IBM and there are a few other OEM's that offer either SLED or openSUSE. Novell, Redhat, Mandriva and many others also make their product to sell support. It's their main business model so singling out Ubuntu as the only commercial distro out there being the only ones interested in selling support is quite frankly completely false.

While openSUSE is a base for SLES and SLED it is community ran with a community elected board. SLED and SLES is not.