Hello there !

I am total noob and extremly exited about Ubuntu. I have very powerfull card installed on my system 4870x2 and looks like I am having problems with it.

After installation on Ubuntu I got informed that proprietary drivers are available for my ATI video card and I clicked okay for download and install. After restart right on moment when I would see desktop I see messed up screen and looks like system, freeze too. After that I format hard drive and install Ubuntu again and decided to download drivers from AMD web site. ati-driver-installer-9-4-x86.x86_64.run Installed it via very nice GUI and after reboot EXACTLY same thing happened. I mean even screen looked exactly messed up like before, you know sometimes it get messed up totally randomly ? No this one is same as before. Guys please help me out here I don't know what to do, I also tried to download 9.2 drivers but on install it saying that this version on Ubuntu not supported by 9.2 (something like that)

Here is my system specs I hope you can help out. Right now I am in Ubuntu with no ATI stuff installed I did reformat hdd again cause I could not login again because of messed up screen.

Mobo: Asus P6T Deluxe
CPU: i7 920
RAM: GSkill 1333 3x2gb sticks 6gb total
Video: Asus 4870x2 TRI_FAN design
Monitor: 24' ASUS 1920x1080
PSU: Antex-1000 w1000

I really down know what else to mention all I know is I think If I can remember at some point of time I had Ubuntu few versions before and it worked fine with my card. Again I "THINK". I hope guys you can help.

Thank you very much in advanced !