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Thread: New Sauerbraten Release Is Imminent

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    The one problem with having "ragdoll physics" is that only ragdolls move like ragdolls. Having said that I'll check out Sauerbraten 2009 as I really like the previous version.

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    Not exactly. If you do "dumb" ragdoll physics ( as sadly nearly all AAA titles do it nowadays ) then yes, it looks shit. If you though use real ragdoll physics ( meaning using motors and constraints to simulate stiff muscle retention and alike ) then it gets better and more interesting. That said this costs speed so I'm betting on wider CUDA support to solve that one ( Bullet *hint* *hint* can work with CUDA already )

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    The ragdolls in Sauerbraten are a pretty good effort, and the first I've seen in any of the free open sourced games that I am familar with. I've always been a bit torn as to whether I like them or normal death animations. I guess ragdolls are the way to go for just a pure fun factor, so I'm glad they got this working.

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