Anybody else get issues with X3 failing to detect you have a vid card/driver?

Tried LGP's ticket but no response samr goes for the emails.

Are they on holiday?

Anyway The game installed fine etc, However when I try to start it says
"Error opening video. There is no vesa driver installed, or your graphics adapter doesn't support the resolution"

Reading the cli output says "Couldn't find sufficient depth buffer to run the game!"

Tried the usual things, runs ET:QW/UT2004/doom3 n the like fine.

Any ideas?

Mandriva 2009 spring
Kernel: 2.6.29 /32 bit
KDE 4.2/Gnome 2.26 Tried both with/without 3d desktop! A
MD Athlon xp64 3700
1gb memory NV 7800 GTX(256) / 180.51+ 173.xx drivers
Glibc 2.9