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Thread: AMD 8.35.5 Driver -- Hello Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition!

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    Default amdcccle problems

    Hi. I had everything working perfectly on a fresh install of Gutsy with the new 8.42 drivers and dual monitors with either Xgl or AIGLX (on an ati radeon 9600 256mb by the way) but I decided to toy with amdcccle and had no idea what a mistake that would be. It allowed me to select single mode but it disabled my second monitor so when I log into gnome, the primary monitor is the only one enabled. When I tried to use amdcccle again to fix the problem, it just restarts X (but not gdm). My question is does anyone know where amdcccle saves it's settings at? It's closed source so I'm baffled.

    EDIT: I noticed TexasSpeed was using ati-config, so I used that to enable my second monitor, but I had to go back to amdcccle to get Big Desktop to reverse them. I would still love to know where amdcccle and ati-config changes their settings at. Even though they say they are editing my xorg.conf file I see no changes, however I see the changes in the system behavour. amdcccle is buggy to say the least as well as fglrx 8.42. How would one go about removing fglrx after using the gui to install the driver on Xorg 7.1 and not generating the deb pkgs? (I generated the *.debs first, but had kernel module version problems)
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