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Thread: Mesa 7.5 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

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    is there any documentation/how to on writing G3D drivers (or state trackers) ???

    not that i have the skills but just want to go through it if it exists

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    Quote Originally Posted by bridgman View Post
    Think about the X server [...]
    Many thanks John, the explanation was enlightening!

    BTW I use this occasion to add that I really appreciate all the tech docs drops by AMD...
    I left my nVidia for a radeon3650 last year. Well, during this time I noticed so many improvements on fglrx... but I have to admit they're not perfect yet.

    Citing *X* files.... "I want to believe"


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    Default David Airlie's clone?

    This is David Airlie's latest blog entry :

    So Gia, Isabel and I are off to Ireland for 3 weeks from the 7th -> 31st of May.

    Radeon KMS is all I've been doing lately and my feeling is the F11 driver is in a fairly good state, a lot better than F10. 3D seems to be working okay, however we have some speed regressions that I will be attempting to track down in earnest on my return. AGP cards got hit a bit lately as a fix for a real bug slowed an optimisation I previously made down.

    For mesa I'd really like to merge radeon-rewrite to master already, but I expect I should wait until I get back as I need to be more reactive to fixing regressions in it.
    It seems that there are two David Airlie ;-)

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