Hey All:

This is my first post. And I am building a new monster system, however I have a question on Drive Coolers. Since Boards are now coming with Onboard SATA-II that has a max peak bandwidth of 300 Mb/S. I am wanting a drive cooler that will be able to keep that bandwidth. I have not seen any Drive coolers that fit the bill.

Has anyone seen any Drive coolers that will fit the bill? if so can you post a link?

So I guess my question is... I saw this Drive cooler located here http://www.vantecusa.com/product-storage.html#

the model number is MRK200ST-BK By Vantec

If I go with this Drive cooler Will my bandwidth be cut to a 150 Mb/s? or will it remain at 300 Mb/s?

Thanks in Advance.

Regards smp-freak