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Thread: Questions about Drive Coolers

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    Default Questions about Drive Coolers

    Hey All:

    This is my first post. And I am building a new monster system, however I have a question on Drive Coolers. Since Boards are now coming with Onboard SATA-II that has a max peak bandwidth of 300 Mb/S. I am wanting a drive cooler that will be able to keep that bandwidth. I have not seen any Drive coolers that fit the bill.

    Has anyone seen any Drive coolers that will fit the bill? if so can you post a link?

    So I guess my question is... I saw this Drive cooler located here

    the model number is MRK200ST-BK By Vantec

    If I go with this Drive cooler Will my bandwidth be cut to a 150 Mb/s? or will it remain at 300 Mb/s?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Regards smp-freak

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    Welcome to the forums.

    The IcyDock MB122 and MB452 support SATA 1.0/2.0 --

    Alternatively, if you are worried about the HDD cooler limiting your transfer speeds, you could go with such a cooler that doesn't use an intermediary SATA connection. An example would be the Scythe SBX-1000 ( ), which would allow a direct Serial ATA connection to the drive from the motherboard.

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    Default I Love it

    the MB-452 Sounds like a real winner. now just to find where I can buy them in Canada.

    Thank you very much for your prompt response

    regards smp-freak

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    Default I Found It!!!! :d

    This is what i am after

    however can't find a price. just need to buy two of these and I am set.

    Any Possible chance you can get one of these for a review?
    Never mind 146.30 I found it

    Regards SMP-FREAK!
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    $120 USD is what I am seeing the MB454 sell for.

    I have sent off a message to my IcyDock contact, so hopefully he will post on here some places in Canada where you can purchase these products.

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    Default Thanks Michael!

    I think I just found my new Linux Hardware home.

    I have read many articles that you guys have put out. you do a great job.

    Is this site related to by chance?

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    I have talked with Kris Kersey (Augustus) in the past, but there is no direct relations between and Phoronix other than both sites cover similar interests. Though I am not too sure off hand why hasn't pushed out any new content in quite a while.

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