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True. He ignores real arguments and talks about thing he doesn't have even idea. It's not even worth to continue this thread, because winboys messed it too much. One time they talk about compatibility with old programs, then about completely different things and now you can read about wine. It's second Yotambien approach to proof windows is better without giving arguments. What I learned from his posts is he has many complexes. Probably someone told him Windows and Macos are bad. The best thing is their nonsenses have no reflection in reality. However, maybe it's desperate try to cure wounded ego?
No complexes my friend. That's a hard word to tell for someone you know only through forums. It's easy to misunderstand someone by what he writes through distance since maybe he is not good at wrting or even he misunderstood you in first place.
The obvious imo is that he has different filosophy. Probably open source and the freedom to share doesn't meen too much for him or are very low in his priorities since he is so eager to buy and defend proprietary code, while for the most of us the very essence of a program's quality is how much freedom it carries in its package.
Anyway, filosophies are built on arguments and vary rarely eventuate to agreements. So I don't see any positive reason for anyone to continue this thread rather than argue till eternity.