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Thread: Low(er) power server issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by movieman View Post
    BTW, I was looking at low-power CPUs at the weekend for a faster machine to replace my current MythTV backend/NAS server and noticed that the 4850e/5050e seem near impossible to find now. However, there's a Phenom II X4 rated at 65W which looks interesting if you think you might ever need that level of CPU performance.
    I'd be interested in some power figures of these new Phenoms, since the 65W is a TDP, so the max. of heat going through the chimney. On idle it should be way lower. Also I think these new phenoms can switch off cores if unneeded and asymetrically clock down/up cores to the needs.
    Anybody ever measured or read a test?

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    Marked! I will check it later!thanks a lot.
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