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AMD MAY have released new Vista and XP Catalyst drivers today, fixing a whole host of Wintel problems - but Linux support is still woeful, according to some fansites.

Phoronix is a well known hangout for GNU geeks, and the chaps there have put a number of ATI cards to the test, up against a 7800 GTX. ATI's Linux drivers are so bad, they suggest, that an X1800 will perform almost identically to an X1950, despite the large delta in Windows performance.

On test was Quake 4, UT2004 and Doom 3 - stalwarts of OpenGL gaming, since Direct3D games obviously won't work on Linux (at least, not without Windows hackery). ATI has come in for a lot of stick for the alleged poor quality of its OpenGL driver, and that appears to be its undoing here.

Whilst a new Linux update was indeed pushed out today, there appear to be no significant performance enhancements detailed in the release notes. By contrast, NVIDIA has been working very hard, behind the scenes, to make sure that Penguin fanatics get their dose of OGLing, and this is borne out by the fact that the 7800 GTX trounces the X1950 in every Linux benchmark performed by the Phoronix gang.

Clearly, the guys need to get thinking about what they are going to do about fixing open sauce performance, if indeed they decide to do anything.