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    Default Phoronix Interviews Digg -- Ask A Question

    While Mark Shuttleworth's interview with Phoronix has been delayed due to his busy schedule, I got some other excellent news to pass along. Phoronix will be interviewing Digg's developers!

    In this interview we will primarily be focusing upon Digg's use of Debian Linux and open-source technologies (PHP, MySQL, etc...), and other things related to the Linux and OSS world.

    Post a question and we'll include it in the interview if it sounds good

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    If you may, also ask which admin apps they use to keep up with all of the crazy digg stuff.

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    Anymore questions?

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    Maybe you can post the list of questions you are planning to ask, and then we can help you edit or better them. Thanks.

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    Did Digg choose OSS for philosophy or TCO?
    What would they do differently if they could do it all again?
    Any plans for Digg v2 (or v3, I suppose)?
    Any thoughts on the concept of a "semantic" web?
    How do they see Digg interfacing in the wider world, from Google to news providers themselves?
    Does Digg inform its users with new information, or simply re-circulate popular trends?
    What has Digg given back to the OSS world?
    Are free software and free speech inextricably linked?
    What is Linux missing?

    First things I thought of, more to come.

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