Well This is the board I am going to be using for my new monster of a workstation. The only Information I have found on the board is here. I am guessing that in about 3 - 4 days Tyan will have this board on their website. One model With SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and one without.

Anyone else showing interest in a board like this? or am I the only crazy one?

here are the specs that I can find.

Dual 1207 pin sockets
Opteron 2000
5 phase VRM power converters.
nVidia chipset NPF3050 & NPFf3060
Eight Memory slots up to 32GB DDR2
At 400, 533 and 667 speed

Four PCI x16 slots (quad SLI anyone OR quad dual SLI)
2 at x16, 2at x8
OR with 4 Quadro NVS 440 you can have 16 monitors total.
Two PCI-X at 100Mhz OR One at 133Mhz (this is PCI-X standard)
10 USB 2.0
2 Firewire 1394a
RealTek ALC262

Eight SAS ports (SAS ports can use SATA drives)

(you could have 14 SATA drives if you wish)

More information here

regards smp-freak