heyo anyone seen this?


looks 85% epic to say the least.

It looks like ya might able to see this in an arcade machine near you,

Tux 2 Features

* Gameplay is fun and easy to learn!
* Content is suitable for children of all ages
* Four racing courses
* Cute and realistic graphics
* Terrain features include a candy wonderland, snow, icy roads, falling leaves, rocks, and Arctic Ice.
* Realistic physics make gameplay easy to learn, difficult to master
* Lively and up-beat music attracts and keeps kidsí attention
* Hilarious sound effects
* Colorful, bright buttons for younger players
* Bright lights blink and flash at passers-by
If you haven't found out by now its like a new tuxracer/planet penguin racer. Now why hasn't anyone told me about this!!!!!