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ATI Overclocking Utility
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    Default ATI Overclocking Utility

    I just finished an overclocking utility using the new AMD ADL API and wanted to get some feedback. Since most of the people who are interested would come here I thought it might be a good place to post.

    Here are some screenshots:


    B3 - Fix the bug reported by melcar with defaults restoring previous overclock and not defaults
    32 bit version, http://omploader.org/iMXFzbQ
    64 bit version, http://omploader.org/iMXFzbA

    -Added icon provided by @storma, thanks
    -Added system tray with gpu info in tooltip
    -Fix some labels
    32 bit version, http://omploader.org/iMXF3Ng
    64 bit version, http://omploader.org/iMXF3NQ

    -Fix bug with ok and cancel not closing behaving properly after adding the system tray
    -Fix bug when added the overclocking that setting a lower speed then the current speed would fail
    -Added some gui message for unsupported errors
    32 bit version, http://omploader.org/iMXIwYQ
    64 bit version, http://omploader.org/iMXIwOQ

    -Should now work with multiple card/gpu
    32 bit version, http://omploader.org/iMXI3cg
    64 bit version, http://omploader.org/iMXI3cQ

    -Now on kde app
    32 bit version, http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show...content=107458
    64 bit version, http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show...content=107457

    A few notes:

    -I was testing on a 4830
    -I used Catalyst 9.4 when developing however Catalyst 9.3+ should be ok (for libatiadlxx.so)
    -I am under kde so I develop the gui for the Qt toolkit, the qt libraries are required
    -libdl and libpthread is also required, I think for most distro they should be there by default with libc I believe.
    -The gui should be pretty self explanatory, but for the fan if left uncheck it keeps the "automatic" setting, otherwise it goes to manual mode set at the defined percentage
    -Use wisely, e.g. you probably shouldn't turn off the fan and overclock everything to the maximum
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