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Thread: Getting Open Source 3D graphics on R6XX/R7XX cards (NO FGLRX)

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    What guide?

    OpenSUSE and older ATI hardware with open source radeon driver sucks.

    I tried it with RV250 hardware and 3D cannot be enabled.

    OpenSUSE gets direct help from X.Org people AFAIK and it still didn't result in working 3D with that older hardware.

    Heck, I couldn't get it to work in Ubuntu but after trying a hundred different configurations in xorg.conf, I finally got one that sort of worked. Even Mandriva 2010 had it work OUT OF THE BOX and they don't have even half the resources. Fedora 12 worked, too, out of the box.

    OpenSUSE is massively overrated...imho..

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    This guide.

    And I am happy that I can use the open source drivers for my crappy X600 mobility card, and don't have to use the proprietary drivers anymore (which have been deprecated for my hardware).

    Too bad it doesn't work for you. And if you don't like openSUSE, please use something else. Nobody is forcing you.

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    For those who want to do this for older radeon cards, please go to:

    It may be a bit out of date as I have to play cat and mouse a lot since the developers keep moving and code around, making new branches / trees and such so if you want to re-write that guide (if even necessary) please post a fresh guide here at Thank you.

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