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Thread: Writing At Length About X Input 2.0

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    Default Writing At Length About X Input 2.0

    Phoronix: Writing At Length About X Input 2.0

    X Input 2 was finally merged into the X Server this past week that brought a much needed update to this input device extension for X.Org. Most prominently, X Input 2 can handle Multi-Pointer X much better.For those interested in more details surrounding the X Input 2.0 extension, Peter Hutterer has written at length about this input extension update...

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    I'm assuming this solves the age-old problem of relative mouse movements? Any mouse-capturing application was affected by this shortcoming. From Wine games, to emulators, to native Linux games.

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    I wonder if it will be possible to use XInput 2 to make a mouse driver that works with high-resolution mice (i.e. 2000dpi and above) to report sub-pixel positions and use a lower effective DPI. This could be good for games, and would be good for graphics and audio programs.

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