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Sorry, but I'm not having any luck parsing this. Can you help me understand what you mean here ?
Short version: cannot install ATI catalyst without modifying the distributed driver package by adding the MSI vendor ID and part # plus optionally what appear to be some setting strings. Alternatively it is also possible to directly install the driver portion only(sans CCC) apparently, but I got derailed on that by a dead link last time I though of trying that out. The second method also involves jumping through hoops as well, and I'm not at all certain if the driver will still look for a card mfg ID or not.

This is just really way offtopic though as it was a nitpick for the windows driver side as well, and I don't really think that we can directly compare the windows catalyst drivers to linux as it sounds like the linux ones are more closely related to the firegl "pro" drivers while the windows drivers are specifically for the radeon retail massmarket line with a separate driver for the "pro" firegl line.