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Thread: AMD Releases Catalyst 9.6 For Linux

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    The X lockups are my priority concern, as they should simply not be occuring, and I've found no work around for those.

    The screen corruption is workaroundable by forcing a screen refresh. [EDIT2] This doesn't seem to be heat related as aticonfig --odgt was reporting 52.0C which roughly agrees with reports by ATITool under windows w/similar room temps @ idle. [/EDIT2]

    PPAs: I've resorted to that for wine to get GW running, maybe I should try that PPA xorg. Which one is it BTW? [EDIT3] The ppa wine 1.1.25 while it allows running of GW, the char selection screen is a garbled mess, while the winehq 1.1.25 release the char select screen is fine, but GW crashes at loading an area. Apparently a regression in ntdll under wine. It's also what causes the downloads to fail CRC checks apparently. [/EDIT3]

    There's also this winebug report, labelled as yet another catalyst bug:
    9.6 seems to have partially fixed this bug, but not completely.

    I suppose that the video freeze problem could be that fglrx is leaving in an incosistent state when waking from sleep as I presume that like nVidia, ATI replaces a chunk of the xserver or renderer. I could be entirely wrong and my original idea of the GPU itself being in an inconsistent state could also be the case, but something is definitely being overlooked there somewhere in the suspend/resume code. (Might even be a kernel/ bug for all I know that nVidia/Intel work around.)
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