Here's a serious business question that has stood the test of time. Do I dual boot or single boot?

I have attempted to move this discussion from the porting projects area. That said, I am no mod so heres a silly attempt . I figured it would best fit into desktop linux because I dont know of any dual boot server....


Basically hes saying that its not as bad as you think, both OS's can do most things the same so the need to reboot a lot doesn't exist. Hes saying to stay in windows because most tasks you do under linux can be done in windows.


Hes saying its impractical to dual boot. He says this several times.


He made some random point about running Linux on windows with a VM. I dont think anyone objects with him that running linux ontop of windows constitutes idiocy.

(sorry if i misinterpreted any of you)
So hows this click because im torn between single boot and multi boot. On 1 hand I like to game but on the other I dont like my platform to crash after a week.

And when you multiboot with linux/windows whats the OS of choice? Because the only released versions of windows you can use are Vista and XP, both of which cant utilize my 6gb memory in 32 bit mode. Windows XP 64-bit is not supported anymore, and wasn't supported when it came out as far as im concerned.

Is it a waste of time to reboot every time you wish to use the other operating system? I myself find it to be a pain.

Does it undermine Linux game development when we dual boot?

Is a virtual machine a valid option?

Boxers or briefs?