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    Hello good people of the Phoronix forum.

    I really hope that someone in authority at AMD will read this.

    I sell and service Linux and windows computer for a living. And the fact that the Linux AMD driver is unstable limits my costumer choice. And that prevent me from building a custom linux ring for my client with an AMD Processor and chipset.

    The Following bug are a deal breaker.

    random full system freeze when using compiz and firefox ( X server unresponsive for 1 to 3 second !!!) gnome and Kde4

    X server Crash (KDE4) on log off, reboot, and user switch which force the user to do a hard reboot.

    Overall instability..

    So in conclusion instead of building a basic linux system with a AMD X2 7850 and a 780G motherboard I have to choose a more expensive Intel processor and a weaker but better supported Intel chipset.

    Have a nice day
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