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Thread: RealNetworks to support WMV on Linux

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    Default RealNetworks to support WMV on Linux

    I never thought I would -ever- say this, but I may actually respect Real if all WMV's will work under Linux. Even with plenty of codecs installed, half the WMV files I receive never work.

    What's everyones thoughts on this?


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    I've pretty much just always used Linux, so I don't have anything against real. So for them to add WMV support to Linux for free is only a good thing, considering most codecs will not play legally on Linux.

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    Well my concern is whether or not it will indeed playing WMV's that I can't get working with other players. I often have friends send me WMV files that will not function in any player, dispite having the codecs. Support for HD WMV would be nice also...

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    All I can say about this piece of news is...


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    Yeah this is pretty good. I've always had trouble with some wmv files.

    I've also found Realplayer for Linux is actually fairly decent. The interface is reasonably minimal, and it doesn't have copious amounts of advertising that I'm used to seeing in windows.

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