Hi, i'm a newbie to the Linux world, having just made the switch about a month ago. (Currently using Fedora 10)

I currently have a notebook which uses ATI's crossfire technology and comes with a Mobility Radeon 3200 HD and a Mobility Radeon 3470 HD.

I downloaded the latest Catalyst drivers and followed the instructions carefully, but after the driver installation and a reboot, the entire display is totally cripled: all i get are garbled colors all over the screen and the GUI is completely unusable.

I also searched in ATI's site and found that there were no mobility drivers for my card for download in the Linux section, so i resorted to downloading the desktop Radeon HD drivers for Linux and selected Radeon HD 3xxx series in the menu before downloading.

Did i do anything wrong? Because i had to reformat the entire notebook and i'm not sure if i want to retry the ATI drivers. I need the 3D support (for Compiz, mostly)