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Thread: NVIDIA 190.xx Linux Driver Leaks Onto The Web

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    Yep. Use PNGs for screenshots and any other images with text or hard edges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex-Cyber View Post
    It doesn't look like a scaling issue at all; it's the classic JPEG screenshot phenomenon of crud bleeding out from detailed areas into areas that are supposed to be a solid color. I particularly notice it in the area between the "Server Vendor String" and "Server Vendor Version" lines.
    I seriously see no bleed what so ever running at native res. The only time I see bleed is if I use my monitors scaling and set it to a not native res.

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    It might be more obvious with the relevant area blown up:

    Even better, compare/contrast the corresponding area from hax0r's screenshot, which was posted as PNG: original, JPEG.

    Basically, the JPEG version looks like it's been lightly sandblasted right around the text.

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    Ow! That hurts to look at!

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    Will be interesting to wait when the official one`s "comes out" ,
    and see what they can do/perform..

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