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Thread: Fluendo's DVD player

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    Default Fluendo's DVD player

    Fluendo releases a legal dvd player for Linux with the following features list:
    * Full DVD Playback
    * DVD Menu support
    * Fullscreen support
    * Dolby Digital pass-through
    * Dolby Digital 5.1 output and stereo downmixing support
    * Resume from last position support
    * Subtitle support
    * Audio selection support
    * Multiple Angles support
    * Support for encrypted discs
    * Multiregion, works in all regions
    * Multiple video deinterlacing algorithms
    You can get it on their web site for 20

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    I guess it should be mentioned that the development version of Totem (with current GStreamer) finally handles DVDs with full menu support.

    A few things are still in development on the GStreamer side, but it's already very good.

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